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    BBS 2 Bobbin Sander

    Online Catalogue | Sanding | Bobbin Sanders |  BBS 2 Bobbin Sander

    BBS2 Floor Standing Bobbin Sander
    Ref: BBS2

    The BBS2 is a substantial and heavy duty bobbin sander, designed and developed for the more demanding workshop whilst also being capable of handling smaller work. It is particularly useful for tight curves as well as more sweeping contours, allowing beautiful, crisp results to be achieved with ease. The machine comes with three bobbins and corresponding table inserts. In addition, further bobbins sizes are available as optional extras. This means a wide range of shaping tasks can be accomplished with ease, from smaller craft projects to very demanding work on cabinets, chairs and much more. In addition, the powerful and quiet 1 hp induction motor ensures these larger timbers can be handled effectively and with ease.
    The large, circular cast iron table is essential to help obtain excellent results, allowing smooth, fluid movement of the workpiece around the machine.

    Thanks to the power, features, design and durability of this machine it easily copes with heavy duty and demanding use, making it the ideal choice for those who need a reliable and dependable workhorse at hand to cope with a wide variety of tasks.

    20mm, 50mm & 76mm Diameter Sanding Bobbins

    Spring Promotion

    Price:599.99 (499.99 Excl. Vat at 20%)


    BBS2 Floor Standing Bobbin Sander

    Online Catalogue | Sanding | Bobbin Sanders |  BBS 2 Bobbin Sander