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    Bandsaw Masterclass

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    Bandsaw Masterclass DVD
    Ref: DVD01

    Alan Holtham presents - The Basics, a Record Power Bandsaw Master Class available on DVD.

    Based on his series of popular Record Power sponsored masterclasses at numerous major woodworking exhibitions in recent years, Alan Holtham explains why the bandsaw is his favourite machine in the workshop.

    In this DVD Alan explodes a few myths about bandsaws and in a clear and logical way sets about showing how easy and safe it can be to choose a machine, set it up, choose the correct blades, maintain the machine properly and most importantly make many varieties of cuts.

    Price:12.98 (10.82 Excl. Vat at 20%)


    Bandsaw Masterclass DVD

    Online Catalogue | Dvds |  Bandsaw Masterclass